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1940 Creation of family workshop  
 1945 Foundation of the company in Ribafria  
 1950  Study and development of the logo and registration of the brand Icel  
 1966  Move of the facilities to Benedita  
 1972  The first exports are made  
 1973  Develops new product concepts and registers Zanger-Icel brand  
 1976  Acquirement of the first automatic grinding machines  
 1989  Introduction of the first computer system of Integrated Management  
 1990 Enlargement and improvement of the facilities on the Administrative and Social areas  
 1993  First attribution of the Prize SME Prestige  
 1994  Receives honourable mention by Portuguese Centre of Design  
 1995 Certification of the products by National Sanitary Foundation in USA  
 1997  Increase of the capital stock and alteration of the company statues to Corporate Company  
 1998  Certification of the Quality System, according to the Standard ISO 9002 by APCER  
 1998  Development of first knife series with stainless steel handle  
 1999  Receives Design Award of Product by Portuguese Centre of Design  
 1999  Prize SME Prestige  
 2000 Prize SME Prestige  

Introduction of the non-slippery material – Proflex – on knife handles for professionals

 2001 Registration of the brand name - Proflex  
 2001 Prize SME Prestige  
 2003 Certification of the Management System, according to Standard ISO 9001 as well as Environment Management by Standard 14001 by APCER  
 2005 Introduction of the robotic in the manufacturing process  
 2007 Join the program Compro o que é nosso  
 2008 Introduction of the Antibacterial Protection on Proflex knife handles