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ICEL is proud to have been the first national of kitchen and professional cutlery company  with Environmental Certification by the Portuguese Standard EN ISO 14001 since 2003.

In this scope, a set of built-in environmental practices are inherent to our production process, with concrete objectives at the following levels:


Rational consumption of resources

Use of eco-design principles;

Effective control and management of raw materials and subsidiary materials;

Contribution to improving air quality

Reduction of gaseous emissions to the environment by the use of a hydro-filtration system for the treatment and monitoring of air pollution;

Control of refrigerant gases by contract with certified company for the purpose;

Minimizing environmental noise in the surroundings

Ensured by the existence of soundproofing structures and external equipment with minimum emissions of ambient noise;

Optimization of water and energy consumption

Use of water recirculation systems;

Monitoring and controling water and energy consumption;

Existence of energy efficient equipment;

Performing energy audits to identify critical points;

Waste Management 

Through the prevention and reduction of raw materials and subsidiary materials.

Recycling and reuse of polymers.

Waste segregation system, with routing to recovery or disposal destination in authorized Waste Operators.

Membership of "Ponto Verde" Company since 1998, which assumes responsibility for the management of primary packaging placed on the national market.

Collaboration protocol with "Ecopilhas".

Protection of water resources

Treatment of effluents in the industrial wastewater treatment plant (ETARI) in full operation since 2002. Through this station, the treated waste water is sent to the public sanitation system, according to what is required by municipal regulation.